Wire drawing mills, cable makings, producers of wire to be welded, rope manufactures, will find on our molded wood flanges, ranging between 150 to 1200 mm of diameter the correct answer to their needs.

Our molded wood pieces made from a polyurethane binder has a proven resistance to weathering and mechanical strength much greater than all types of wood panels cut . We can produce all types of reels cheeks or flanges for making industrial coils.

Flanges for Spools

Flange Ø560 mm – centring Ø280 mm – thickness 22 mm cours-maths-pdf
Flange Ø600 mm – centring Ø340 mm -thickness 22 mm cours-maths-pdf
Flange Ø750 mm – centring Ø460 mm – thickness22 mm cours-maths-pdf
Flange Ø1010 mm – centring Ø625 mm – thickness 22 mm cours-maths-pdf
Flange Ø1150 mm – centring Ø503 mm – thickness 22 mm cours-maths-pdf


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