Engelvin, specialized in the production of molded wood and the technique of molding

Molded Wood is a modern composite which, thanks to a molding technique, allows to create different products with different shapes. Molded Wood is made out of 92 % of virgin wood coming from local coniferous trees and 8 % of binders of different qualities.

Molded Wood has many advantages :

  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Reproductibility
  • Lifetime
  • Mechanical resistance
  • Heat treatment
  • Certified :
    • NIMP15
    • PEFC
  • 100 % recycled class B wood
  • Fire-resistant treatment
  • Surface treatment
  • Mould
  • Economically competitive

The engineering and design department at Engelvin Bois Moulé have been producing molded wood for many years and wil thus be able to help you with any of your molding projects.


A few dates:

1936: Founding of the G. ENGELVIN et Fils in Mende (48) by Mr Germain ENGELVIN.

1991: Mr Germain ENGELVIN and his 2 sons decide to develop their family business by creating ENGELVIN Bois Moulé, with the aim of adding value to sawmill by-products.

2006: Start-up of a new production unit.

2012: ENGELVIN Bois Moulé’s business continues to grow, and the company decides to invest in 2 new 2000-ton presses, enabling it to increase its production volume.

2017: Acquisition of an additional 2000-ton press and 2 quality control and packaging robots.

2018 : Acquisition of a new quality control and packaging robot.

2019: Construction of a new 700 m² storage building.

2020 : ENGELVIN Bois Moulé decides to create a new production unit with the acquisition of 3 presses, each equipped with 2 quality control and packaging robots, for a total of 6 new robots.

2023-2024: acquisition, installation and commissioning of two new presses to increase production capacity to a total of 17 units.

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